Election of 2024-25 Board of Directors at our AGM on 28 July 2024

The nomination process for candidates is as follows:

  1. Nominations are to be submitted via email to the Director of Administration not less than 7 days before the date fixed for the holding of the Annual General Meeting; and
  2. The candidates’ names will be listed and updated on the home page of the club’s website every Monday (during the month) prior to the AGM.

For more information, please see Rule 19 on page 20 of our new constitution regarding the procedure for electing our Board of Directors.

  1. President
  2. Deputy President
  3. Director of Administration (previously Hon. Secretary)
  4. Director of Finance (previously Hon. Treasurer)
  5. Director of Lifesaving (previously Club Captain)
  6. Director of Member Services (previously Registrar, Social Secretary and Member Welfare)
  7. Director of Youth (responsible for Nippers and all members aged under 18)
  8. Director of Education (responsible for proficiencies and other SLS Awards)
  9. Director of Surf Sports (previously Competition Organiser)

Please send enquiries regarding any of the job descriptions to the Director of Administration.

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