Membership Refund Policy

Due Dates

  • Member renewals and Fees are due prior to 31 October.
  • It is worth noting that Members insurance expires on 31 October each year.
  • It should be noted that members in pending status are not covered by SLS NSW insurance. (After the prior year’s insurance expires, on 31 October, all members who are physically training, patrolling or competing should have a paid-up and accepted membership renewal BEFORE they commence those activities.)

Membership Fees

  • We note that even though the season may start later than normal for some membership categories. Every endeavour will be made to deliver as many normal club activities as possible.  For example, junior activities (Nippers) may continue into March or April.  At this stage (13 October 2021), we anticipate a starting delay compared to normal years of only 1 week, with Nippers to commence on 31 October.
  • Membership refunds will be given less a $40 administration fee if the member withdraws before the 30 November 2021. No refund will be given where an Active Kids voucher has been used for payment.  Note that if a member withdraws and seeks a refund they will not be recognised as a member for the 2021/22 season. No refund will be payable if a member withdraws after 30 November 2021.

Credit for Nipper Fees

  • If the junior activities (Nippers) do not start before January 2022 a credit will be offered of 40% if the scheduled finish date remains as 13 March 2022. If a finish date beyond 13 March 2022 is scheduled the credit will be 20% and no credit will be given if the finish date is extended to April 2022.  Any credits will be strictly in the form of a discount to the future season.

Gym Refunds

  • Further gym closures (post-October 2021) will result in a pro-rata reduction of fees applied to future gym year memberships.

Clothing Refunds

  • No refunds on clothing that has been collected. Refunds will only be issued for clothing carried in stock that has been paid for but not delivered.  Any clothing specially ordered will not be subject to refund unless faulty.

Course Refunds

  • As the first option – any training course fees paid for (such as Bronze Medallion, SRC) that are delayed due to Covid, will remain valid until the course is able to be run.
  • If a member is unable to complete the course (later) then course fees will be refunded in full (less cost of manuals and materials handed out and $40 admin fee).

Hardship Applications

It is noted by Newport Surf Club that different parts of the economy have been hit by Covid. Accordingly, our executive has resolved to support members with hardship cases.  Please contact the President if this applies to you.  Applications for consideration of hardship waiver of fees will be reviewed in confidence by the President, Treasurer and Club Captain (only).