Who to Contact When

  • If you are unsure who to contact in certain situations, please check our Contact page.
  • The easiest way to contact any of our board or committee members is via email.
  • If you notice any issues regarding the clubhouse eg cleaning, lights, plumbing, etc. The email address mentioned above is the best way to contact our House Captain.
  • As many of you know, Bev Barnes is our only paid employee. We recently changed her job title to reflect her role better and avoid confusion with the Director of Administration. Bev’s email address is [email protected]. Note: [email protected] still works as well. Please contact Bev if you would like to book the clubhouse for a function or meeting. Bev can also help you with entry fobs, shed keys and lock issues, payments, work in our bar, gym membership and lost property.
  • Our Shop and Merchandise Manager is Nicole Fasseau. Email: [email protected].
  • Also, seeing as our Constitution and Regulations changed recently, some of the new titles might need a translation.
New Title
Previous Title
Example of Responsibilities
(Guyren Smith)
President Honours and Building Committees, Judiciary
Deputy President
(Rebecca Capell)
Deputy President Assists the President
Director of Administration
(Eric Crooke)
Hon. Secretary Clubhouse maintenance, Communications
Director of Finance
(Jeremy Paul)
Hon. Treasurer Finance, Sponsorship and Marketing
Director of Lifesaving
(Liam Taurins)
Club Captain Patrol Uniforms, Patrol roster, Patrol swaps, Competition patrol hours
Director of Education
(Jess Menzies)
Chief Instructor Skills maintenance and other SLS Awards
Director of Surf Sports
(Darren Warrener)
Competition Organiser Carnival entries, Training groups
Director of Youth
(Ryf Quail)
Nipper Chairman Nippers and all members aged under 18, Age Managers
Director of Member Services
(Janet Dunn)
Janet’s team includes the Registrar, Youth Development Officer, Social Events Manager, Member Protection Information Officer and the Honorary Legal Officer Member Welfare
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