Pathways to Membership

The Surf Life Saving movement is largely a volunteer organisation, that is run and staffed almost exclusively by volunteers (with the exception of a small number of paid full-time staff). Surf Life Saving Australia is organised by State, with each state being broken down into one or more Branches. Each Branch is in turn made up of clubs.

There are several different pathways to membership in a Surf Life Saving Club (SLSC).

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Children aged 5 and up can join Nippers, where they learn basic surf safety and competency skills in the sand and in the water. Nippers also prepare children for the Surf Rescue Certificate. In some cases, Nippers are able to attain a resuscitation certificate, after having undertaken a CPR course at the club.

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Patrolling Memberships

Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC)

The SRC teaches children aged 13 years and up how to become junior lifesavers, and prepares them to Patrol the beach. SRC holders are an active and important part of Newport’s patrolling members and perform rescues just like Bronze Medallion holders do, but are limited to manual CPR and cannot carry certain loads. It is not necessary for an SRC candidate to have participated in Nippers, but it certainly helps prepare them!

Bronze Medallion

Candidates aged 15 years and older are eligible to undertake the Bronze Medallion. The Bronze Medallion is the minimum certification required to patrol the beach as an adult, and provides the holder with a Certificate II in Aquatic Rescue. As part of their Bronze Medallion training, candidates are taught beach management, surf rescue, Radios and CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation). It is not necessary for a Bronze Medallion candidate to hold an SRC or have participated in Nippers, but it is not unusual for SLSC members to have joined at age 5 and worked their way through the various courses that the club offers. More information »

Award Membership

An award member holds a current, recognised Surf Life Saving Australia Award such as Senior First Aid, Radio Operators, Advanced Resuscitation Techniques Certificate etc that allow participation in patrol on restricted duties, OR have passed the SLSC Proficiency requirement for that award.

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Non-Patrolling Membership

Associate Membership

Are you keen to join a Surf Life Saving Club but don’t want to patrol the beach? An associate membership allows you to do just that! Whether you would like to help with Nippers on a Sunday, help on the BBQ stall or just help with some admin and logistics, this membership type allows you to. You will be a social member of the club and it will enable you to be part of our one big surf family. Newport SLSC understands that not everyone wants to get their Bronze Medallion or their Surf Rescue Certificate so are very supportive in helping individuals achieve their surf goals! A surf club could not run without a secretary, BBQ coordinator, treasurer, social coordinator or Nipper volunteers, so we welcome you to sign up and be part of our great club.

General Membership

It is compulsory for at least ONE parent/carer to register as a General Member but much more fun if both parents/carers register!  Why?

  • You cannot assist in Nipper activities unless you are a member.
  • Sunday morning Nippers will be much for more fun for you and your kids if you’re helping out.
  • If you injure yourself at Nippers, you will be covered by insurance.

Membership + Fees

Existing Surf Club Members

Re-joining the Club

Former Newport Surf Club members wishing to re-join after a period of absence, please provide details of the year you were last proficient and any other relevant details and email the Registrar.

Transferring from another Club

Member transferring from another club, please submit your request via the SLSA Members Area.

An existing member requesting Long Service or Active Reserve status

These requests should be received no later than June for the upcoming patrol season. Please provide a printout of your patrol record from your SLSA portal and email the Director of Administration. This information goes to the Club’s Board of Management for review and approval. This process can take up to 2 months depending on meeting schedules.

Existing member requiring leave of absence from patrols for this season

These requests must be received no later than November each season unless due to unforeseen injury or illness. Please provide a detailed explanation of why you need leave and email the Director of Lifesaving. This information goes to the Club’s Board of Management for review and approval. This process can take up to 2 months depending on meeting schedules.

Membership Enquiries

Club Registrar
Call 9997 5116
Email the Registrar

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