Nipper Welcome

Welcome to the Newport Surf Life Saving Club Junior Activities Branch, otherwise known as Newport Nippers. I’d like to extend a warm welcome to all Nippers and their families to another great year at Newport. We have endeavoured to include everything you need to know about Newport Nippers on our website. If you require any further information, please feel free to ask any Age Manager or Committee member.

Nipper parents are required to join the club as an General member and assist where possible with the management and training of the children. By joining the club, parents are covered by insurance against accidents on the beach, at carnivals and sanctioned surf club activities, and have access to the club facilities and functions. It is your club, please enjoy.

Assistance with the training and activities on a Sunday morning is more than welcome. Please assist your Age Managers in any way that you feel comfortable (water safety, starting events, marking lines, keeping score, etc). A parent must be present on the beach throughout Nippers in case of an accident. We cannot and do not provide a childcare service.

Our objective at Newport is to educate our children to be competent and safe in the beach/surf environment. Surf knowledge and techniques are gradually introduced to the children in accordance with their age and ability – ultimately at the age of 13 (U14) they can attain their Surf Rescue Certificate, which is just one step below the Bronze Medallion.

Whilst all children are encouraged to improve their surf skills through regular competition, no child is forced or pressured to do something they are not comfortable with, or do not want to do. Our first and foremost aim is for the children to have FUN at Nippers and enjoy coming to the beach each week.

Coaching in both water and beach events is available to all Nippers (Beach U6s and over, Water U9s and over) who wish to improve their skills. We have the services of high-quality beach and water coaches to enhance our Nippers’ basic skills and to improve their competitive performance for those who are competing in carnivals and championships.

Committee Meetings are held at the Surf Club on the second Tuesday of each month. Should you wish to attend a meeting to bring a matter to the attention of the Committee, you are most welcome. To do this, please advise your Age manager or myself.

I hope you enjoy your season at Newport.

Ryf Quail 
Director of Youth