Newport Kinghorn Surf Racing Academy

What is the Newport Kinghorn Surf Racing Academy?

The Newport Kinghorn Surf Racing Academy is a unique sporting facility on Sydney’s Northern Beaches
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Competitive surf lifesaving is iconic in Australia. Surf Life Saving sport showcases the skills and physical abilities required to save a life. Traditionally the sport has been dominated by Queensland competitors, many of whom have “emigrated” from NSW.

Aims of the Academy

In 2013, members of Newport SLSC formed the Newport Kinghorn Surf Racing Academy with clear aims:

  1. Top club at the NSW Championships.
  2. Top 3 club at the National Championships.
  3. Reduce the NSW talent drain to the affluent Queensland Surf Life Saving Clubs.


  • In March 2023, we won our 9th consecutive NSW Championship point score.
  • We have been in the top 3 Australian clubs on 6 occasions: 2015, 2016, 2018, 2021, 2022 and 2023 (we were ranked 48th in 2011).
  • In April 2023, we won the Australian Championships Handicap Point Score. The Handicap point score is based on the Champion Club from the previous year’s Australian Championships. The calculation of the winning club is the Champion Club from the previous year’s championships starting on zero points and the club that scored zero points in the previous year commencing with maximum points.


Academy History

Since 2013 the Academy has successfully achieved its aim to increase the quality of surf lifesaving at the Newport Surf Club through its surf sports programme. The Academy has also removed the financial burden on the Newport SLSC to fund this programme.

Important goals within the programme include the following:

  • Improve Newport SLSC’s standing at the Australian and NSW Championships.
  • Increase the number of athletes qualifying and competing in the elite Kellogg’s Nutri Grain Iron Series.
  • Promote opportunities for female members to increase their lifesaving capability through surf sports.
  • Expand the programme across all sports disciplines, including IRB & lifesaving specific events.
  • Expand the programme to support our Nippers, including the Marlins and Dolphins (for children and adults with special needs).

Extracts from the Academy Constitution


…established for the public charitable purpose of providing advanced training for those engaged in surf life-saving and to foster excellence in teaching and encouragement of surf safety practise, swimming, water safety and water sports.

  1. Develop and deliver coach and athlete education and training programmes;
  2. Develop and deliver coaching and mentoring programs for participants;
  3. Conduct and participate in carnivals which develop skills through competition;
  4. Acquire facilities and equipment;
  5. Enter into leases or rental agreements for the long-term use of equipment or facilities; and
  6. Engage coaching and other staff for the purposes of carrying out the Academy’s purpose.

What We Believe

Our Vision

  • We will produce Australia’s best Ironmen and Ironwomen and the best surf lifesavers.
  • We will support great athletes who can achieve their goals at the highest level:
    • The Nutri-Grain Surf Ironman and Ironwoman Series.
    • Australian Surf Life Saving Championships.
    • NSW Surf Life Saving Championships.
    • The Coolangatta Gold.
    • Sydney Northern Beaches Branch Championships.
  • We will stop the NSW talent drain to the affluent Queensland Surf Life Saving Clubs by building a platform from a Sydney-based Surf Life Saving Club.
  • We will be the best in: competition, sportsmanship, training, patrolling (community service), conduct, life.

Our Attitude

  • We provide the environment, we do the work, and we get the results.
  • We have built a platform for our competitors to achieve this from a Sydney-based surf life-saving club.
  • We have the programme; we have the talent.
  • We know preparation dictates performance.
  • We constantly improve by acknowledging and addressing our weaknesses.
  • We are determined NOT to fail due to the financial imbalance with Queensland clubs.

Our Culture

  • We support the development of our squad members to grow into well-balanced, respected people and great athletes.
  • We believe everybody matters – we’re a team, great teams produce great individuals.
  • We respect our skills and pass them on.
  • We are inclusive.
  • We will give back to the community.

Our Mission Statement

Be the best, enjoy it the most.

Opportunities for Organisations

Would you like to help our commitment to community service and improve our surf life-saving athletes’ performances?

Community service is at the very core of the surf lifesaving movement. This programme instils the importance of that commitment in every member of the academy. We believe that in supporting this programme, you are not only supporting the retention and development of elite athletes, but you are supporting the creation of a better local community with the most efficient and effective surf lifesavers patrolling our local beaches.

We are always open to building relationships with people who share the same passion for community involvement and trust this is a compelling opportunity for the following reasons:

  • Funds are solely used for specialist training infrastructure, select high-performance coaching and establishing a self-funding academy.
  • Elite competitors are the magnet for attracting younger participants to what is one of the most iconic, egalitarian and healthy Australian sports. Most Australians can recall the likes of Grant Kenny, Trevor Hendy and Shannon Eckstein and place them as synonymous with some of the great Australian values.
  • The Academy will serve as a permanent legacy of which you can feel justifiably proud.
  • Various levels of sponsorships/naming rights are available if desired.
  • Access to academy staff or competitors is available if required.
  • All contributors will be sent regular updates of the programme and its achievements and an invitation to join our Facebook group as well as an invitation to our annual function attended by all academy staff and competitors.

Donating to the Academy

Contributions are tax-deductible. Contributions of any amount are greatly appreciated, with a variety of opportunities to suit individuals, businesses and corporations.

Individual Donations

Direct Bank Deposit
Account name: Newport Surf Life Saving Club
BSB: 032198
Account Number: 690188

Business and Corporate Sponsorship

Please email the academy to build a business or corporate package designed to your budget and objectives.

We look forward to welcoming you as a supporter of the Newport Kinghorn Surf Racing Academy and ensuring the best of our athletes not only remain in a sport with such fundamental community values but also remain on their local beaches to provide that service.