Congratulations and thank you to our “100%ers” and Top 10

100% Patrol Attendance

If your name is listed below, however, you were unable to attend our Annual Awards Celebration, please email [email protected] to arrange a time to collect your thank you gift.

James Allen
Bob Allo
Rob Barkley
Scott Bridges
Naomi Bronier
Edward Bruce
Lauren Budd
Leanne Budd
Brett Budd
Karen Burns
Samuel Capell
Eric Crooke
Gary Dixon
Nathan D Doyle
Brendan Doyle
Thomas Doyle
Gemma Eastwood
Mark Fletcher
John Greenhill
Natasha Grice
Bernard Howard
Ellis James
Ben Matthews
Analiese Melbourn
Brendan Menzies
Kieran Menzies
Jess Menzies
Hamish Michie
Stephen Middleton
Francois Nila
James Oxenham
Jeremy Paul
Peter Probert
Jan Proudfoot
Jake Reneman
John Ringrose
Phoebe Savage
Oscar J Smith
Marvin Smith
Guyren Smith
Matthew Tancred
Andrew Thomson-Ko
Chloe Van Dam
Zach Van Dam

Top 10 Patrol Hours

Chloe Van Dam 88.00
Marvin Smith 81.50
Jessica Menzies 76.25
Peter Probert 66.00
Nathan D Doyle 62.50
Lauren Budd 62.42
Brendan Menzies 62.00
Andrew Thomson Ko 61.75
Oscar J Smith 58.25
Jeremy Paul 56.25

Thank you to Anthony Burns from for the images.


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