2023 Skills Maintenance (formerly known as Proficiencies) – TBC

By Liam Taurins, our Director of Lifesaving

It is that time of year again and we all need to go through the process of making sure we are ready to deal with whatever a patrol might throw at us. While this may look daunting on the first read, be assured that the trainers are ready to help you all work through these steps to help you all out.

The dates will be published here soon – stay tuned.  Please ensure that you attend one of these dates to ensure that your Skills Maintenance is signed off properly.

  • Online learning – Please head to the members area and ensure that you complete the online skills maintenance for both Bronze and if you hold an ARTC award ensure you complete that as well. It will be the same video, but different questions so please ensure that you complete them both if needed.
  • Bronze – this season the rescue will need to be an unconscious board rescue. I understand this is not everyone’s preference, however, it is a directive from SLSA, and the trainers and assessors are there to work with all members to get this completed so that everyone feels comfortable. If you come down and complete your run-swim-run and decide that the conditions are not ideal for your board rescue, you are welcome to come back down to another session. This season we need to add in the spinal content that we haven’t been able to assess due to COVID. Attached is the spinal chapter to read prior to attending the wet sessions for those who did not complete spinal as part of the Bronze Medallion course. The spinal will be assessed with the run-swim-run component so please make sure you get both parts signed off if you are not staying to complete your board rescue.
  • ARTC – This season the ARTC skills maintenance session will be run like an assessment in preparation for the ARTC upgrades later in the season. Please be prepared for these to take a little longer but will ensure that you are ready when the upgrade assessments come up. At these sessions we will also ensure that you have a chance to complete the rest of the Bronze Dry component and the wet session if required.
  • IRB – Dates to be released shortly but these will also be completed in an in-depth style to ensure that new content can be revised and ensure skills are up to date.


Coming Soon! Skills Maintenance Dates View the Spinal Management Chapter
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