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The Flat Whites
Leather Jackets
The Knackers

Here are the Flat Whites, Leather Jackets and the Knackers (photos taken any given Sunday morning at Newport cafes, following ocean swims).   All 3 groups, vie for early morning space in the changing sheds and for the title of Newport’s best social ocean swimming group. They are all pictured enjoying a relaxed Sunday morning coffee, secure in their knowledge that the coffee was paid for with the $5 saved by registering before the looming 30 November deadline.

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  • The deadline for registration is 30 November.
  • After this date all categories of membership will increase by $5.
  • To further incentivise members to get in and register on time, we are offering a special prize to commemorate our 110 year anniversary.
  • The lucky member who is our one thousandth member (1,000th) to register for our 110th season will receive a complimentary copy of both of our anniversary books, Our Second Century 2009 – 2019 and The First Century 1909 – 2009.
  • For the prize to be claimed the registration must be conducted online, and be current before the 30 November deadline.
  • We have well over 900 members current at the time of writing, so don’t delay for your chance to grab a copy of these quality coffee table must have books.  For the rest of us, the books are available at the bar and at the Nipper’s shop on Sunday mornings.  Our Second Century is $30, and the pair of books bought as a bundle is $40 (pick up pricing).