Bar Operations | Asking for your support

Dear Members,

As you well know, there has been a further easing of the COVID-19 restrictions from Monday 7 December. The committee felt it would be useful to reinforce the rules that now apply and how they impact the Club and in particular the Bars operations,

The other reason for this post, is to ask for your support in following these rules and the directions of our bar staff, management and the COVID Marshal. I was disappointed to hear of members debating with our bar staff over the application of these rules and the misguided interpretation of changes that were not yet applicable.

To be clear, the Club is bound to follow our registered COVID plan, if our rules are not up to the level required, then we are in breach of the rules. If however, we chose to delay the relaxing of the rules, then that is a matter you can raise with the Executive, please don’t abuse our staff or ignore their directions. In this case, we had members and guest arguing about changes that had not come into force or applied to smaller venues, less than 200 sqm.

See below the latest changes, of particular note is the maximum number on the deck. Please be mindful of this, and if asked to move inside, please comply.

The Club’s upstairs areas can now accommodate the following number of patrons

  • Main Hall – 70 (if consuming alcohol patrons must be seated as this is an indoors room)
  • Outside Deck – 50 (patrons are now allowed to stand while consuming alcohol but social distancing must be observed)
  • Bar room – 15 (if consuming alcohol must be seated, otherwise socially distanced while waiting to purchase a drink)

These numbers include children.

What to expect when entering the Club on Friday and Sunday afternoons

  • A COVID Safety Marshal will be in attendance at point of entry
  • Patrons will be required to give their contact details (full name and mobile phone number) by scanning the Service NSW QR code
  • COVID Safety Marshal will ask to see the green tick on your screen
  • Patrons will be expected to have the Service NSW App already activated on their phone. If not they will be asked to step aside until they have downloaded the App and received verification
  • COVID Safety Marshal will be tracking numbers and will ask you to choose to be inside in the hall or outside on the deck. If space is available you will be permitted to proceed upstairs
  • All directions given by the COVID Safety Marshal must be respected
  • Please observe social distancing at all times when mingling with others who are not from your family or household
  • If we reach capacity numbers further entry of patrons will not be permitted
  • We do not take reservations
  • Please do not attend if you are unwell or showing even the mildest of cold or flu symptoms

Thank you for your understanding,

Glen Borg
President | NEWPORT SLSC Inc.