It’s A Wrap

Although the Newport Nipper season finished fifteen weeks ago, a small group of kids along with some energetic water safety crew were led by Samuel Capell to extend the season and work on their board skills. The season was not an easy one and it was evident from early on that due to covid the Nippers had not been able to keep up their swimming over winter with pools being closed. This meant much of the season was spent on building confidence and swimming abilities. This left little time to work on board skills. Samuel had the support of the Nipper Committee and the Newport Kinghorn Surf Racing Academy to hold beginner board sessions for those Nippers keen to build on their skills. Every Sunday morning at 8 am we saw a group of up to 20 Nippers come down to the beach. Extending the season for these Nippers has given them the opportunity to not only build confidence and skills but be mentored by some of our youth SRC and Bronze lads that have also had fun watching these Nippers improve.

Thank you to Dean and Nick Rogers, Zach Paul, Max Barbour, Logan Crankshaw, Leo and Rod Stevenson and Brendan Capell for providing the water safety each week. Our Nippers are so lucky to have had such good role models!

Due to the weather getting a bit chilly we wrapped it up this week but not for long… the sessions will be back for the next season.