Lifesaving Competition Results from Branch and NSW Championships

Our team has achieved some incredible results again this year!

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  • Gold: Linda Leck and Lily Tancred, U19s First Aid
  • Gold: Linda Leck and Lily Tancred, Open First Aid
NSW Championships
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  • Gold: Under 17s Patrol Competition (James Simmonds, Sam Capell, Travis Cox and Kai Raffles)
  • Gold: Linda Leck and Lily Tancred, U19s First Aid
  • Silver: Linda Leck and Lily Tancred, Open First Aid
  • Silver: Open Patrol Competition (Guyren Smith, Bec Capell, Brendan Capell, Chloe Van Dam, Jeremy Paul, Phoebe Savage)
  • Silver: Sam Capell, U17 Champion Lifesaver
  • Silver: Phoebe Savage, Open Champion Lifesaver
  • Silver: Bec Capell, 40+ Champion Lifesaver
  • Silver: Emma Carroll, u15 Champion Lifesaver
  • Bronze: Ella Wallich, u15 Champion Lifesaver
  • Bronze: Guyren Smith, 40+ Champion Lifesaver
James Simmonds, Sam Capell, Travis Cox and Kai Raffles | Gold Under 17s Patrol Competition
Bec Capell, Phoebe Savage, Guyren Smith at the NSW Champs
Linda Leck & Lily Tancred, Gold U19 FA at NSW Championships
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  • Champion Lifesaver—often referred to as the ‘decathlon’ of Surf Life Saving—is the premier event for surf lifesavers in the country. It involves points accumulated over a series of sub events over a day or two days: CPR demonstration, multi-choice test, surf swim race, board race, rescue tube, and beach sprint.
  • The Patrol Competition is offered to both U17 and Open teams (teams may be mixed between male and female). All members are required to have their ARTC award, and the Open team requires at least one IRB Driver and Crew. The competition follows a similar structure to Champion Lifesaver, except that points are accumulated in teams, and the races are relay events.
  • First Aid is a two-person competition offered in U15, U17, U19, and Opens. It consists of a timed scenario in which members treat ‘special-effect’ style fake wounds on acting patients. It is usually a fast-paced, short scenario designed to test members’ practical first aid skills of assessment, prioritisation, diagnosis, and treatment.