Marlins and Dolphins Show a Determined Front at Branch Championships

There was no stopping our excited Newport SLSC Marlins and Dolphins at the Special Needs Branch Championships in Mona Vale as reported by Ian Crutch (aka Crutchy).

“We had a strong representative team including, Jacob Rowe, Max Kneebone, Dylan Bracken, Advait Herror, James Fayers, Scott Roberts and Nic Walker.  The day started well with everyone turning up on time with smiley faces and a determination to do their best and have fun!

The warm-up went well with a few of us making a star appearances on the 6 PM Channel Nine News.  As my spies tell me, the TV replay button was overworked that night.

Back to the ferocious competition, the participants spent 2 and a half hours toiling in the sun, surf, and sand.  We participated in the usual events like sprints, relays, flags and the prestigious water event, The Wade.  All events were hotly contested with everyone receiving a medal for their hard work.

Special mention for Scotty Roberts who secured a gold, a silver and a bronze in his first carnival.  Kudos to Max Kneebone who placed 5th in the highly competitive Senior Men’s Flags event and Nic Walker for finally succeeding in The Wade.

Sincere thanks to our mums, dads, carers and our dedicated Newport helpers Steve, Jill, Greg, and Kardina. For without your help, our little champions would not have had the opportunity to have fun and succeed in this event.

Cheers and see you on the beach, Crutchy.”

Big thanks to Mona Vale SLSC for hosting this memorable event.  These important initiatives benefit not only the participants but the community at large.  There were 63 competitors from 12 SLSC’s across Sydney Branch, Northern Beaches and Central Coast this year.  It was the 4th year of this initiative and the biggest up-to-date.  You can see the overall results here.