News from the 2024 Australian Surf Living Saving Championships

  • The Aussies is an annual event where members from Australia’s 314 Surf Clubs compete in more than 480 beach and ocean events. It is the largest event of its kind, only comparing the likes of the Commonwealth Games.
  • 13 – 21 April 2024 | Alexandra Headland SLSC (lifesaving & surf boats), Maroochydore SLSC (water), Mooloolaba SLSC (2 km swim, 2 km run, beach sprint & flags and adaptive), Coolum SLSC (surfing)
  • Check out the gallery below for a few images from each area. Photo credits: Surf Life Saving Australia

Overall Aussies Wrap by Guyren Smith, President | Tuesday, 23 April 2024

  • Fantastic results from the Aussies that wrapped up on Sunday.
  • Newport again placed second on the open point score, won the U17 point score, and won the handicap point score.
  • Newport’s Pipi Te Pania claimed the coveted Female Athlete of the Carnival.
  • 2024 saw the first time that Aussies included adaptive events, and Newport’s Ryan Murphy competed and won gold in the Wade and silver in the Flags and Beach Sprint.
  • This wraps up an outstanding competition season that saw Newport host the Branch Championships, win the Open NSW Championships and gain our first IRB Aussies Gold Medals.
  • Great results came from across the age groups and the different areas of competition.


  1. Lisa Derz: U14 2KM Ocean Swim
  2. Lisa Derz: U14 Surf Swim
  3. Charli Barbour, Sadie Maggs, Alannah Paul: U14/15 Board Relay
  1. Charli Barbour: U15 Ironwoman
  2. Sophie Clues/Lisa Derz: U13/14 Board Rescue
  3. Sophie Clues, Lisa Derx, Sadie Maggs, Matilda Young: U13/14 Surf Team
  1. Tom Shrivell: U14 Ironman
  2. Sophie Clues: U14 Ironman
  3. Charli Barbour, Abi Capell, Alannah Paul, Sarah Song: U14/15 Surf team
  4. Sophie Clues, Lisa Derz, Sadie Maggs, Matilda Young: U13/14 Cameron
  5. Charli Barbour, Abi Capell, Alannah Paul, Sarah Song: U14/15 Cameron
  1. Sophie Clues, Lisa Derz, Matilda Young: U13/14 Board Relay
  1. Tom Shrivell: U14 2km Ocean Swim
  2. Tom Shrivell: U14 Surf Swim
  3. Sophie Clues: U14 Surf Swim
  4. Sadie Maggs: U14 Board


The highlight of the two water competition days was seeing Laurence McCoy win his first Australian Championships medal with teammates Ashley Brown and Nick Carroll in the 150+ years Male Board Relay. Placegetters and point scorers are listed below:

  1. Ted Smithies: 70-74 yrs Male Beach Flags
  1. Rebecca Capell: 40-49 Champion Lifesaver
  2. Ashley Brown: 50-54 years Male Board Race
  3. Ashley Brown, Nick Carroll, Laurence McCoy: 150+ years Male Board Relay
  4. Tristan Conn: 40-44 Male Beach Flags
  5. Tristan Conn: 40-44 Male Beach Sprint
  1. Ashley Brown: 50-54 years Male Ironman
  2. Stephen Ford: 60-64 years Male 2 km Ocean Swim
  3. Ted Smithies: 70-74 years Male Beach Sprint
  1. Guyren Smith: 50+ Champion Lifesaver
  2. Nick Carroll: 55-59 years Male Ironman
  3. Felicity Peters: 55-59 years Female 2 km Beach Run
  4. Ashley Brown, Stephen Ford, Darren Warrener: 170+ years Male Surf Teams
  5. Julia Jones-Hughes, Felicity Peters, Jan Proudfoot: 150+ years Female Board Relay
  1. Leo Pinherio, Darren Warrener: 55-59 years Male Board Rescue

Masters surf sports is a thrilling and inclusive event, open to anyone aged 30 and over who holds their Bronze Medallion. If you’re passionate about surf life saving and patrol at least 25 hours per calendar year, we encourage you to get involved. For more information, please email Darren Warrener, Director of Surf Sports.

Adaptive by Ian Crutch

For the first time in Aussies history, an Adaptive Competition was introduced, allowing athletes of all abilities to take part. Newport’s Ryan Murphy competed and won gold in the Wade and silver in the Flags and Beach Sprint. This was a great effort from one of our best. We are so proud of him!



  1. Jemma Smith: Open Female Champion Lifesaver
  2. Harrison Woodrow: U17 Male Champion Lifesaver
  3. Sequoia Avtarovski/Tabitha Reeman: U17 Mixed First Aid
  4. Bailey Clues/Maguire Reid: U19 Male Double Ski
  5. Jayke Rees/Jasmine Locke: Open Mixed Double Ski
  6. Max Brooks/Jayke Rees/Mitchell Trim: Open Male Single Ski Relay
  7. Olivia Clues: U17 Female Single Ski
  8. Sam Chaffer/Noah Maggs/Harvey Monnock: U17 Male Taplin
  9. Olivia Clues/Kimberley Doyle/Pipi Te Pania: U19 Female Board Relay
  10. Charlie Brooks/Conner Maggs: Open Male Board Rescue
  11. Charli Barbour/Olivia Clues/Dom Melbourn/Pipi Te Pania: U17 Female Surf Teams
  12. Olivia Clues/Kimberley Doyle/Sarah Locke/Pipi Te Pania: U19 Female Surf Teams
  13. Maguire Reid: U19 Male Single Ski
  14. Conner Maggs: U19 Male Board Race Silver
  1. Noah Maggs: U17 Male 2km Ocean Swim
  2. Jemma Smith/Lizzie Welborn: Open Female Double Ski
  3. Mitchell Trim/Jemma Smith: Open Mixed Double Ski
  4. Olivia Clues/Brooke Derz/Pipi Te Pania: U17 Female Single Ski Relay
  5. Bailey Clues/Maguire Reid/Ziko Vesely: U19 Male Single Ski Relay
  6. Pipi Te Pania: U17 Female Board Race
  7. Noah Maggs: U17 Male Board Race
  8. Pipi Te Pania: U17 Female Ironperson
  9. Jake Lynch: Open Male Beach Flags
  10. Sarah Locke: U19 Female Surf Race Bronze
  1. Pipi Te Pania: U17 Female 2km Ocean Swim
  2. Max Brooks/Jayke Rees: Open Male Double Ski
  3. Luke Chaffer/Anthony Doyle/Conner Maggs/Noah Maggs: U19 Male Surf Teams
  4. Fletcher Armstrong/Jackson Borg/Charlie Brooks: Open Male Single Ski Relay
  5. Analise Kibble/Hannah Minogue/Lizzie Welborn: Open Female Single Ski Relay
  6. Kimberley Doyle/Analise Kibble/Sarah Locke/Lizzie Welborn: Open Female Surf Teams
  7. Noah Maggs/Harvey Monnock: U17 Male Board Rescue
  8. Lizzie Welborn: Open Female Board Race
  9. Kimberley Doyle: U19 Female Surf Race
  10. Sarah Locke: Open Female Surf Race
  11. Charlie Verco: Open Male Ironperson
  12. Bailey Clues/Conner Maggs/Maguire Reid: U19 Male Taplin
  13. Sarah Locke/Jemma Smith/Lizzie Welborn: Open Female Taplin
  14. Kimberley Doyle: U19 Female Board Race
  1. Phoebe Savage: Open Female Champion Lifesaver
  2. Piper Harrison/Analise Kibble/Lizzie Welborn: Open Female Board Relay
  3. Fletcher Armstrong/Piper Harrison: Open Mixed Double Ski
  4. Charli Barbour/Olivia Clues/Pipi Te Pania: U17 Female Board Relay
  5. Sam Chaffer/Noah Maggs/Harney Monnock: U17 Male Single Ski Relay
  6. Olivia Clues/Kimberley Doyle/Sarah Locke: U19 Female Single Ski Relay
  7. Sarah Locke/Lizzie Welborn: Open Female Board Rescue
  8. Fletcher Armstrong: Open Male Single Ski
  9. Bailey Clues: U19 Male Single Ski
  10. Jackson Borg: Open Male Ironperson
  11. Olivia Clues/Kimberley Doyle/Sarah Locke: U19 Female Taplin
  12. Jackson Borg/Charlie Brooks/Conner Maggs/Jayke Rees/Mitchell Trim/Charlie Verco: Open Male Taplin
  1. Harrison Taurins/Sascha Taurins: Open Mixed Double Ski
  2. Olivia Clues/Pipi Te Pania: U19 Female Double Ski
  3. Mitchell Trim: Open Male Single Ski
  4. Conner Maggs: U19 Male Ironperson
  1. Sam Capell: Open Male Champion Lifesaver
  2. Mitchell Trim/Luke Jones: Open Male Double Ski
  3. Jackson Borg/Charlie Brooks/Charlie Verco: Open Male Board Relay
  4. Noah Maggs: U17 Male Ironperson
  5. Dom Melbourn: U17 Female Surf Race
  6. Jayke Rees: Open Male Single Ski
  7. Charlie Verco: Open Male Board Race
  8. Maguire Reid: U19 Male Ironperson
  9. Luke Chaffer/Anthony Doyle/Ziko Vesely: U19 Male Taplin

Catch up on all the news from Youth (Under 15s) and Open athletes (including Under 17s and 19s) via the academy’s newsletters. The newsletters include a daily blog from Nick Carroll and the daily medal and points tally.


Rank Club Points
1 Northcliffe 391
2 Newport 243
3 Maroochydore 151
4 Burleigh Heads Mowbray Park 136
4 Wanda 136
6 Alexandra Headland 127
7 North Cronulla 104
8 Currumbin 90
9 Swansea Belmont 77
10 Noosa Heads 72



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