Nippers Say NO to Single Use Plastic

Nipper’s season is almost here!  We would like to remind parents and Nippers to keep in mind our commitment to the reduction of single use plastic at the beach.  Over the winter, our Newport Nippers were certainly not idle.

In partnership with other Nippers from all over the Northern Beaches, they participated in the Council’s Swap ‘This for That’ campaign by filming a mock carnival with flags, relay and board events.  Complete with commentators, the tongue in cheek video feature the Nippers encountering some rather filthy challenges during competition.

As 12 year old Ashley puts it, “As easy as they are to use, ultimately, plastic items that are only used once are ruining the earth.”

So, get onboard Parent and Nippers! Bring your own water bottles to the beach and make an effort to minimise your single use plastic consumption.

The project is an initiative of the NSW EPA Waste Less Recycle More Initiative, funded from the waste levy.

Remember, Nippers starts on 13 October!