Newport Surfboat Crews – two big weeks of racing

At Queenscliff on Saturday 18th January, our U23 Women ‘Thunder’ won and secured their sky blue cap, becoming the third Newport crew to represent NSW. The Open Men, Hellfish and Reserve Men Shellfish were both in the running for state team but unfortunately, both came a cropper in their semi-finals.

The following day at Queenscliff,  the Thunder and Shellfish represented Sydney Northern Beaches in the Surfboat Interbranch Championships. Both crews contributed to SNB winning – the U23 Women also winning their division.

On Saturday 25th, at the other end of the beach at Manly, the Thunder won all their races in difficult conditions… Except the one that counted.  A sneaky last wave of the set hit hard and rolled the boat.  Undeterred, the team righted the boat and completed the course.

Our novice U23 Women crew had their first start with great persistence.  Thanks to Naomi Bronier for getting this new team together.  The U23 Men ‘white tips’ had their best racing of the season, just missing out on the final. The Shellfish were a very close third, a win would have put them in the mix for the NSW team.

The next race will take place at Mollymook for the Australian Surf Rowers Open starting on the 14th February.  The Interstates, incorporating the Trans Tasman series vs New Zealand, will also be running over that weekend.

Surf Boats Australia Day, Manly Beach
Australia Day, Manly Beach