Surfers and Year-10 Lads Avoid A Tragedy at Newport

Thanks to some very fast thinking surfers and four year-10 lads, a tragedy was avoided at Newport Peak on Sunday 23 of February.

Following a pre-season rugby training session on the sand, seven under-10 boys went into the water at the beach’s northern end and became caught in a rip.  Two of the fathers went in to help and then got into trouble themselves.

Four year-10 boys from  St Joseph’s College Hunters Hill – Archie Campbell, Finn Graham, Atticus Heaven and Harry Moxham also at Newport for training, assisted with helping the swimming in distress.  The boys credited the recent attainment of the recent Bronze Medallion and their water-polo training, more here.

Also kudos to Patrol 4 with the first aid assistance and getting the patients ready for transport.