The King’s Cup and the Carroll Cup are on 28 April at 10am

Our annual races around the reef are back on (oops, we missed last year)!  For our newer members info… The King’s Cup is a surf ski race around the reef and everyone leaves on go but the Carroll Cup for board paddlers is handicapped by Nick Carroll.  All members are invited.

We can then stay on to participate in (or watch our 14 patrol teams compete for) the Nantucket Shield followed by lunch for all patrolling members and their family.

From the 1970s: A paddler in trouble at Cross Waves on the way back to the clubhouse in the ‘King’s Cup’ – Richard McEvoy.

THE KING’S CUP (extracted from our Centenary History Book)

This is a trophy donated by Bert King for the purpose of encouraging ski paddlers. The course is south from the clubhouse on Newport Beach around Little Reef through Cross Waves and back to the club. There were to be six races per year one for each month of the season. The point score was 4, 3 and 2 for the first three places and 1 for starting. Over time, at the request of competitors the format changed several times.

  1. From racing skis to wave skis.
  2. Two divisions, racing skis and wave skis.
  3. From Open competition to Branch competition.
  4. To closed competition for Newport members only.