Thank you to our 2019-20 “100%ers” and Top 10

Congratulations everyone! We hope to present you with a thank you gift when we see you at our annual Back to the Beach event (usually held in late September).

100% Patrol Attendance

Rob Barkley
Lucinda Bentley
Naomi Bronier
Brett Budd
Lauren Budd
Karen Burns
Brendan Capell
Samuel Capell
Emma Carroll
Eric Crooke
Thomas Doyle
Anthony Doyle
Katelynn Doyle
Kimberley Doyle
Nathan D Doyle
Tara Doyle
Brendan Doyle
Katie Edwards
Matthew Edwards
Mark Fletcher
Malcolm French
Ellis James
Allen Janssens
Elaine Krek
Nigel Leck
Jodie Louw
Conner Maggs
Jessica Menzies
Brendan Menzies
Kieran Menzies
Stephen Middleton
Zac Morris
Scott Newey
Braden Newling
James Oxenham
Mia Pacey
Matt Pacey
Jeremy Paul
Peter Probert
Jan Proudfoot
Kai Raffles
John Ringrose
Nick Rogers
Andrew Thomson-Ko
Ella-Louise Wallich
Kyan Winn

Top 10 Patrol Hours All Organisations

Christopher Roberts 221.67
Thomas Doyle 224.97
Anthony Doyle 162.42
Kieran Menzies 152.04
Marvin Smith 115.77
Peter Probert 101.00
Matt Pacey 95.17
Nathan D Doyle 88.08
Jessica Menzies 87.58
Katelynn Doyle 86.50

Top 10 Patrol Hours at Newport SLSC

Thomas Doyle  135.14
Anthony Doyle  104.67
Katelynn Doyle  61.00
Jeremy Paul  55.75
Lauren Budd  54.00
Peter Probert  50.00
Lex Raffles  49.50
Conner Maggs  47.50
Nathan D Doyle  47.08
Kimberley Doyle  47.00