Busy Nippers!

Report from Bec Capell, Nipper Chairman.

Nippers hosted a sustainability program that was rolled out by Lizzie Welborn and supported by Sam Capell. The Nipper kids discussed the effects of plastic on the environment and the importance of disposing rubbish correctly, emphasising the 5 R’s: Refuse, Reuse, Reduce, Repurpose and Recycle.

Sustainability Program, Lizzie Welborn supported by Sam Capell

After the Nippers collected all the rubbish, Lizzie and Sam had the job of tallying the rubbish. Unfortunately, the results showed that we could do better with disposing of rubbish on our beach. The sorting revealed 46 aluminium cans, 4 vapes, 36 glass bottles, 6 shoes, meters of fishing line, thousands of pieces of plastic and the list goes on. Our Nippers also learned that some of this rubbish may have traveled from afar and brought in by tides.

The first Wellbeing Survey was also part of the Nippers’ program in the past weeks. This recommendation came from feedback from Branch’s Code of Conduct Forums. We used the Wong Baker Method, where Nippers were asked to answer simple questions. This will give us benchmarks in terms of how the children are feeling about the program, what areas may cause anxiety, and what parts of the program they enjoy. We will collate this information and use this as a tool for next season.

Our SRC’s were also given pizza and ice cream during their educational program held by our Youth Development Officer, Nick Rogers. The group listened to two younger members of our club that are currently serving as Age Managers, their experience with the Nipper program and the importance of giving back. Thank you Kai Raffles and Brandon Bartlem! 

Emma Carrol also spoke to the group about First Aid and other learning opportunities within the club. The SRC will be given another brunch next weekend!