Newport SLSC’s 2021 major award nominees announced

Newport SLSC is proud to announce our nominees in the ten categories of our major annual awards, aka the Bernies! Nominees are selected by a vote of the Executive Committee. The Annual Awards will be held online via our Facebook page and website at 6 pm on Friday, 7 May 2021.

If you have been nominated, please email a recent high quality image of yourself to [email protected] ASAP. Thank you for your assistance!

Nipper Chairman’s Award

  • Bella Cox
  • Grace Osborne
  • Zac Paul
  • Dean Rogers

Tim Francis Junior Competitor of the Year

  • Max Barbour
  • Bella Cox
  • Zac Paul

Tom Guthrie Rookie of the Year

  • Max Barbour
  • Harry Capell
  • Anthony Doyle
  • Zac Paul

Peter Dawson OAM Best New Member

  • Robert Finkeldey
  • Anna Holmes
  • Dermot Goodwin
  • Liz Gough
  • Micaela Savage

John Holland Senior – Committee Member of the Year

  • Lauren Budd
  • Matt Edwards
  • Brendan Menzies
  • Peter Probert
  • Darren Warrener

Competitor the Year

  • Jackson Borg
  • Conner Maggs
  • Mitchell Morris
  • Zac Morris
  • Jemma Smith
  • Sascha Taurins
  • Lizzie Welborn

Inaugural Surf Sports Team of the Year

  • Lifesaver Relay
Michael King, Abby Ballesty, Tara Doyle, Claudia Harris, Ella Smith, Charlie Brooks, Mitch Morris, Zac Morris, Mitchell Trim
  • Open Men’s Board Relay
Charlie Brooks, Jackson Borg, Zac Morris
  • Open Men’s Double Ski Team A
Mitchell Trim and Luke Jones
  • Under 15s Male Water Team
Conner Maggs, Anthony Doyle, Josh Kerr, Lex Raffles
  • Under 17s Male Water Team
Bailey Clues, Jake Morris, Mitch Morris
  • Under 23s Female surf boat crew
Thunder: Michael King, Abby Ballesty, Tara Doyle, Claudia Harris, Ella Smith

Hans Trumm OAM – Award for Patrolling Excellence

  • Scott Bridges
  • Thomas Doyle
  • Tony Hayes
  • Ellis James
  • Andrew Thomson-Ko
  • Stephen Middleton
  • Andrew Stevens
  • Liam Taurins

Paul Stevens Junior Club Member of the Year

  • Naomi Bronier
  • Samuel Capell
  • Thomas Doyle
  • Hugh McAlpine
  • Braden Newling
  • Geordie Smith
  • Harrison Taurins

Michael Hill Memorial Trophy Club Member of the Year

  • Lauren Budd
  • Ellis James
  • Jeremy Paul
  • Peter Probert
  • Lizzie Welborn

Congratulations to all of our nominees! 

Don’t forget to watch on 7 May at 6 pm!

The Bernies will also be shown on our brand new TVs in the hall on Friday night. However, the hall has a capacity of 70 so it’s first in best dressed. The bar will be open at 5 pm and our resident rock-stars, Michael and Nic, will be playing before and after the ceremony.