Our future Ironmen and Ironwomen beam with joy as they are trained by their idols

Yesterday Max Brooks, current Open Australian Ironman Champion, and Jackson Borg, current NSW State Open Ironman Champion led 4 of our up and coming Newport stars through an Ironman training session.

The Capell family won an ‘Ironman Experience’ in the auction at our recent ‘Beyond the Beach’ Fundraiser. Two hours with 2 of the best Ironman athletes at Newport and the 4 juniors certainly enjoyed every minute.

Sam – “extremely beneficial, great learning experience and an amazing opportunity to have one on one training”

Being shown techniques, training skills and secret tactics by 2 of the top ironmen in the country and not to mention their idols made Abi, Harry, Sam and Logan very happy. You could not wipe the smiles off any of their faces, “I am a Max Brooks Sponsored Athlete” beamed Abi.

After an Ironman-style warm up and a run, the 6 took to the water. Abi, who is about to have her first season on a hard board got to experience a one on one session with Jackson, whilst Max took the 3 boys on a long paddle to the reef, teaching them about the reef and how to use the reef for session when the conditions are harder to train like yesterday. He also taught them about the importance of getting the best out of any condition and putting your safety first.

Harry –“ extraordinarily helpful, the boys helped me smooth out my technique and I am looking forward to putting what I have learnt into action”

The group then headed back around the cans for some valuable lessons on board technique and paddle speed training by the boys. After some morning tea and a short break, as that’s all the 4 youngsters wanted. Max and Jackson showed the team how to transition like a pro and how to get the best out of their swim sets.

Abi – “Super fun and I learnt heaps. Jackson had me concentrating on grabbing the water when I was paddling!”

With some iron challenges and races to put their new skills into action, the team finished their session with huge smiles, tired eyes and an even bigger joy for what they have to look forward to in the 2019/2020 season.

Bec (Mum) – “It is priceless to be able to surround your children with positive and supportive role models. Max and Jackson are two young men that provide this to the younger members of the club”

We are lucky at Newport to have such talented and dedicated athletes in our club like Max and Jackson who are more than willing to dedicate their own time, experience and knowledge to run sessions like these with such professionalism and care. They did an amazing job and taught 4 of our future stars so much in this experience of a lifetime. Thank you, Max and Jackson.