Sunday Youth Activities

A few Sunday’s ago (3/10/2021) saw the start of something new and something we hope to grow.  Nick Rogers along with his team have coordinated Sunday morning activities for our youth.  The club has always wanted to grow and develop new ways to engage in this area.  This season was more important than most as we started the season in lock down which meant that our youth couldn’t patrol until the state hit the magic 70% double vaccination rate. Even though youth are now able to patrol, the program will still continue due to the positive feedback it has received.

A booking system has been implemented thanks to Guyren Smith and the youth could choose between a fun swim session (with dolphins!!) or a board paddle at the peak or reef.

All but one session was booked out on the first weekend, with a stunning morning on offer each small group was guided and encouraged by one of our bronze members.  Thank you to Dave Lye, James Lye, Kai Raffles, Rod Stevens and Brendan Capell for giving theses young adults a fun morning with some positive role models. We look forward to this being a regular Sunday morning event. If you have a 13 to 15 year old at home that is a financial member of the club and would like to join please jump on to Team App and request access to the Member – Cadet (13-15) / Youth Group to get all the latest info.

Click here to book online