Age Managers

Age Managers are usually volunteer parents of Nippers children and young Newport SLSC members. They are allocated to each age group with responsibility for organising and conducting the various Nipper activities. The main responsibilities of the Age Managers are as follows:

  • Encourage the children of their age group to participate, enjoy, co-operate and compete in all activities of the club.
  • Keep weekly records of each child’s attendance and proficiency achievements.
  • Instruct the children in their age group of the necessary requirements for the National Awards.
  • Organise the children in their age group at carnivals.
  • Assist in the development of surf awareness and surf safety for the children in their age group.
  • Assist in the instruction of the correct techniques and point-scoring systems of the events the children may participate in at carnivals.
  • Keep children and parents informed of the requirements of the age group and of club activities, carnivals, competition dates, etc.
  • Ensure the children of the age group are aware of and encourage sun protection.

Parents are encouraged to make themselves known to their child’s Age Manager and to help when required. If you have any questions or concerns, or if your child has any medical condition that may restrict him or her in any way, please speak with your Age Manager.

Age Managers are NOT babysitters. Parents are required to be on hand during the entirety of Nippers and to resume responsibility for their child at the end of the day’s events.
Children MUST obtain their parents’ permission prior to re-entering the water upon completion of the day’s events and swim between the flags. Skull caps must be removed at the completion of the day’s formal activities.

If you need to leave before events are finished, please inform your child’s Age Manager BEFORE taking your child from the beach so that their name may be marked off the roll.

Please provide your Age Manager with emergency contact information and your current email address.

Age Managers 2021-2022

Age Group
Age Manager(s)
Under 6

Maddie O’Donoghue

Charsley Pearce



Under 7 Gemma Eastwood 0407908225 [email protected]
Under 8 Ryf Quail 0452558211 [email protected]
Under 9 Warren Beveridge 0421874488 [email protected]
Under 10 Paul Jacobsen 0488592558 [email protected]
Under 10 Anna Holmes 0438185477 [email protected]
Under 11 Brett McPherson   [email protected]
Under 11 Gavin Clarke 0405508449 [email protected]
Under 11 Petrina Nicklin 0410595323 [email protected]
Under 12 Scott Bridges 0467771051 [email protected]
Under 12 Shane Cook 0407401070 [email protected]
Under 13 Brendan Capell 0404865012 [email protected]
Under 13 Alan Carroll 0481399335 [email protected]
Under 14 John Crawford  0421501840 [email protected]
Under 14 Scott & Esa Newey 0418213562 [email protected]
Dolphins / Marlins Ian Crutch 042902474 [email protected]