Weekly Barbecue & Roster

Due to COVID we have had to ensure and encourage social distancing at all times. Hence we have staggered nippers which has a flow on effect to our BBQ and set up/pack up roster. Remember more hands makes light work!

If  you are on set up please ensure that you are at the beach by 7.45am the BBQ is the first thing that needs setting up. This season pack up requires everything that has been used to be washed down with disinfectant. The Gear Steward will help direct this process.

Date Set up and BBQ 8.00 to 10 am
11/10/2020 U12 U14
18/10/2020 U10 U13
25/10/2020 U8 U11
27/10/2020 U6 U9
1/11/2020 U14 U7
8/11/2020 U12 U14
15/11/2020 U10 U13
22/11/2020 U8 U11
29/11/2020 U6 U9
6/12/20202 U14 U13
13/12/2020 U12 U11
Second half of the season Set up / Pack up and BBQ Please be at the beach by 7.45am
10/1/2020 U10
17/1/2021 U9
24/1/2021 U8
31/1/2021 U7
7/2/2021 U6
14/2/2021 U13
21/2/2021 U12
28/2/2021 U11
7/3/2021 U6
14/3/2021 U10