Annual Skills Maintenance

originally published 2 September 2021

With over 400 patrolling members keeping Newport Beach safe, we have a responsibility to ensure each and every one of them is equipped with the most up to date training and qualifications. That is why every year, all of our qualified lifesavers undergo a process called Skills Maintenance/Proficiencies. All Bronze Medallion qualified lifesavers have to demonstrate, at least annually, that they can:

  • Perform resuscitation on people of all ages
  • Complete a Run – Swim – Run (200m – 200m – 200m) in less than 8 minutes
  • Conduct a board or a tube rescue in the surf zone
  • Communicate using a range of internationally recognised SLS hand signals and radio terminology and technology
  • Members that hold additional qualifications such as Advanced Resuscitation, First Aid, Spinal Management and IRB Crew or Drivers also need to show they meet the skills maintenance requirements of these qualifications too

This is a very large undertaking that requires coordination from trainers, assessors, administrators, water safety personnel and active patrolling members to ensure that we can continue to work towards SLSA’s vision of zero preventable deaths in Australian waters.

Skills Maintenance Prerequisites

    1. Navigate to eLearning on the top toolbar
    2. Click Login to eLearning

    3. Click Training Library
    4. Click View Courses underneath SLS Skills Maintenance
      Skills Maintenance Module
    5. Complete for all your required awards

Note: if you exit and return to complete the eLearning later, you will need to choose My Training

This must be completed prior to arriving at your wet proficiency 

Wet Proficiencies

You will need to complete the online skills maintenance component prior to booking into your preferred date as your practical component cannot be processed if you have not completed it beforehand. Please ensure you complete the “Skills Maintenance 2021-22” course, not the Bronze Medallion course. The online component consists of a short video followed by 2 multiple choice questions and a short radio component.

Bookings for your skills maintenance can be done through the e-learning tab after you have completed your online component.  Click Training Events > Search Newport in the search tab to get Newport’s Skills Maintenance dates then click on your preferred date. Click enrol to enrol yourself into the session.

Bronze & SRC Wet Proficiency Dates
  • 21 November, 2 pm
  • 12 December, 10 am
  • 19 December, 11 am
Book via the Members Area
IRB Proficiency Dates
  • 21 November, 2 pm
  • 12 December, 10 am
Book via the Members Area
ART Proficiency Dates
  • 21 November, 2 pm
  • 12 December, 10 am
  • 19 December, 11 am
Book via the Members Area

On the Day Instructions

  • We will meet outside the Patrol shed on the sand.  Feel free to leave your belongings in front of the sheds and we will meet on the sand.
  • Please arrive ready to complete your wet proficiency.  We are trying to limit the amount of time people are hanging around the sheds.
  • Please bring a printout of your completed online component.  If you have not completed the dry assessment, you will not be able to start the wet component.
  • Once you have completed your proficiency can you please keep that area clear for the next group.