King Tides and Storm Swells and Flooding, Oh My!

To say that the Northern Beaches have been hammered by the weather over the past few weeks would be an understatement.  It was a general “batten down the hatches” call for the Sydney Basin in its entirety whilst our communities were clobbered by an East Coast low that brought powerful winds and a dash of king tides.  These caused flooding, power outages and more than usual dreadful commutes.

Newport Beach was not spared and suffered some erosion and collected heaps of storm rubble scatted from North to South.

Last weekend our Nippers and some helpful parents rolled up their rashie sleeves and got to work.  The debris was collected in neat piles across the beach and then later picked up by the Council.

Bec Capell, our Nippers’ Chairman, and many parents were very proud of how the Nippers conducted themselves.

The Nippers program enables our children to have fun, make new friends and be challenged with activities conducted in a controlled environment.  It’s also an opportunity to learn about the power of nature whilst taking pride in work well done.

The perk for all parents is that they may have learned how to keep their rooms tidy.  One can only hope.

Thanks Team!