Question: What Weighs 300 Million Tons?

Answer: The yearly plastic waste worldwide

The invention of plastic has been critical in the development of many important fields.  From making consumer goods more accessible, to the improvement of safety devices such as padded foam dashboard and bicycle helmets.

However, the low cost and versatility of plastic has also made us reliant on single-use plastic.  A whopping “one million plastic drinking bottles” are purchased every minute, whilst an unimaginable “5-trillion single-use plastic bags are used worldwide every year” (UN Environment).

Last year, our Nippers participated in the Council’s Swap ‘This for That’ campaign aimed at reducing single-use plastic at the beach (see previous article Nippers Say NO to Single Use Plastic).

The message they were sharing with their families and friends is that 8 million tons of this plastic waste ends up in the ocean with dire consequences for the marine environment.  The aim was to limit and hopefully stop single-use plastic at the beach.

Campaigns, big and small are spreading the message as you will note in the following advertisement.

Thank you to Gordon Spring from LJ Hooker for sending the video.

Lizzie Welborn with one of our new environmentally friendly, stainless steel, drink bottles. Click the image to buy online or visit our Nippers’ shop on a Sunday morning. Sale price: One for $18, Two for $30.